Amanda Wheeler Investment & Retirement Planning, Ltd.

Our Process


Whether it's developing a financial plan, or building and managing an investment portfolio, we at Amanda Wheeler Investment & Retirement Planning, Ltd. follow well-defined processes.  Our professional procedures are the key to consistently meeting the high level of client service to which we're committed.

Each client's needs are unique, and our processes help to ensure that we understand your situation and your wants clearly and deliver advice, solutions and services at the highest level of quality.  Our process below, illustrates our approach.


Building a Path for Your Future

Our Process - Baumgartner Financial Services, Ltd.









  1. Discover – Our relationships begin with a systematic approach to understanding your financial situation and your personal and financial goals.  We discuss your comfort level with risk as well as the timeframe in which you'd like to achieve your goals.  In addition, we clearly describe:
  • The services we will provide
  • How we're paid
  • What our responsibilities and yours will be


  1. Build – We then evaluate your financial situation and goals, and build a detailed financial plan as well as an investment strategy.  Once our recommendations are complete, we'll meet with you in order to:
  • Explain our advice and recommendations in detail
  • Listen to your feedback, including any concerns you may have
  • Explain how we may adjust your financial plan and investment approach if and when conditions change


  1. Implement – Once you agree to a set of recommendations, we will move forward with implementing the plan by:
  • Establishing new investments and/or
  • Making changes to your existing portfolio if necessary


  1. Monitor – With recommendations implemented, we will actively and continually monitor your progress toward your goals.  We will meet with you regularly for updates, to answer questions and to discuss any adjustments that may be necessary by changes in:
  • Your personal situation (Changing goals)
  • Market conditions
  • Economic conditions (Circumstances)


  1. Communicate – Regular communication is important in a long-term relationship.  We offer the following:
  • Rebalancing and reallocation services
  • Online access to your accounts to stay in touch
  • Annual reviews to make sure that your plan remains on track